Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Tea Party For Three

Last Friday, a friend and I took a good friend to have a "tea party" a little baby shower for her as she expecting a baby very soon.  As their invitations I made a tea pot.

For the party favor I wrapped boxes of cookies up and made a bow using the bow die from Stampin Up.  (I love that die and have been having a blast playing with it.  I think that is now my favorite die.  Stay tune for a future post with the bows that I have made.)

Here is close up picture of the two bows.

Here we are at the tea party.

My two friends ordered tea and salad

and I ordered sandwiches and tea with edible flowers.

Here is close up picture of one of my sandwiches with an edible flower on it.  (Yes, I was daring enough to try a petal.  At first it didn't taste too bad, but towards the end it tasted bitter.  I guess I will stick to only eating flowers made out of frosting. :))

For the teas we tried a house blend and a pomegranate pear tea.  Our favorite was the pomegranate pear tea.  Everything was very onolicious except for the flowers.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the tea room.

As we were waiting for our tea and food to be served we gave my friend her gifts.  This is what I got for her

and made for her.

It was very nice being able to get together with two friends to have a tea party and to celebrate such a special time.  Thanks for stopping by and being patient in looking at such a long post.

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  1. Hey Colleen. Ohhh, the teapot invitations are sweet. I'm in love with the bows and can't wait to see the others your made. Hee-hee, I'm like you, I'll stick to eating flowers made with frosting. I give you credit for trying a petal. The HK outfits are SOOOO CUTE and so is the card you made for your friend.