Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In Honor of Father's Day

I hope that all of you had a great time honoring your father's and other significant males in your life.  It was a bittersweet Father's Day for as this is the second Father's Day without Benson's father.  We thank the Lord that his dad is no longer suffering and is in the presence of God but we still miss him dearly.  We are thankful that we got to celebrate Father's Day with my hubby, my dad, uncles, god- fathers, and special "uncles" in our lives.  To honor each of them we gave them a gift along with this tag that I made.

My kids helped me make the tags.

Thanks to them I did not have to stay up late working on them.  :) The two panda bears represent my kids.  Each tag has a special message on the back from my kids with their signatures on it. We celebrated Father's Day by doing lots of eating.  On Saturday took my kids took my hubby and I out to dinner.  We asked him to choose a restaurant, but of course he let our kids choose.  They chose a restaurant where we got to build our own pizzas.  Each of us ordered one. This is what my hubby and I ordered.  Our kids had smaller ones.   

After church we went out to dinner with my parents, sister, and BIL where we enjoyed food made in hot pots (Their sea bass was the best I ever had.), fried fish, fried intestines, calamari, shrimp and veggies, and minced pork with crab.   Our day ended with my hubby and I going to an "Air Supply" concert.

We had to drive about an hour and half to get to the concert but it was definitely worth it.  The concert was awesome!  This was our second time attending their concert but we enjoyed it as if it was our first one.  Best of all I got to shake hands with all the performers with exception of Russel.  Yes, I joined the rest of the crazy fans near the stage to meet them.  Afterwards my hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner together  ( I ordered cold noodles with BBQ pork, imperial rolls and veggies and my hubby ordered beef stew with white noodles.  Both of them were very good.) and

had an ├ęclair for dessert.

After all the eating this weekend it's time to go on a diet.  I need to start working out again too.  Wish me luck!  LOL! Thanks for coming by!  Have a blessed week!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fabulous Fold Cards

It was lots of fun making a card using a "fabulous" fold for my tea swap partner, Carol.  (I was very happy to be paired up with Carol.  We have known each other for almost a year and it's been a blessing having her as a friend.) As soon as I saw the optional theme I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I was really looking forward to using one of my flip it dies from Stephanie Bernard to make the card. Carol like I am is Hello Kitty fan so I made her a card with my HK stamps and put them on the flip it card that I die cutted.   Here is the super fun card that I made for Carol.

Here is the back of the card and with it opened. 

I also gave her a HK key chain that I made a topper with HK on it.  Sorry, I don't have a picture of the RAK that I gave to Carol.  Carol's card was a little late in arriving so she made me two cards.

She also gave me a fun and thoughtful RAK.

Before I end this post I would like you to share with you a few pictures of the super fun event that my family and I attended this week.  My hubby and I surprised our kids with tickets to watch the new Disney movie "Inside Out." 

We were able to purchase tickets that allowed us to watch the movie two days before it is released to the public.   Check out the cute items that they gave us.

After the movie we had fun shopping. 

My family and I loved the movie.  I think we like it so much that we may go watch it again when it comes out today.  :)  Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend honoring your Fathers Grandfathers, Uncles, and all the special men in your lives.  God bless!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Gifts Made From the Heart

This week I made Hawaiian themed "thank you" gifts for co-workers.  I cut and crimped some brown cardstock and wrapped it around packages of coconut patties.  To keep the Hawaiian theme going I punched out hibiscus and stamped tags that say "mahalo" on it to put the crimped paper. I made 30 of these.  This is how the gifts looks.

I used the same idea and wrapped the crimped cs around cans of HI coffee.

Along with the HI coffee I gave two HI print scarves to two of my closest co-workers and friends and

made them a tag.  I wrote a message for them on the pink square on the tags.

One last gift that I gave was a tablet shaped like a cupcake.  As soon as I saw this notepad I immediately thought of one of the secretaries at work.  She is makes the most cute and professional looking cupcakes.  Of course the cupcakes that she makes look way better than the one on the notepad.  :)  To make the gift a little more fun I stamped a topper to put on it.

I am glad that my co-workers/friends enjoyed the gifts that I made for them.  Thanks dropping by! Have great weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Day In San Diego With Family and Friends

Over the weekend my family and I spent the day in San Diego visiting some of our favorite stores and restaurants.  One of the stores that we went to was Paper Tales. As  you can see from the pictures the store is super cute.

We had brunch at one of favorite restaurants- Phil's BBQ.  Their beef ribs and onion rings are the best!

Afterwards we got dessert at Cravory Cookies and lots of fun sampling their cookies before we placed our order.  They have little pieces of cookies in different chores that you can request to sample. 

After dessert we visited several other stores.  One of them was Marukai.  I found some fun Hello Kitty products and a HI bag.

After a full day of shopping at our favorite stores we had dinner with my good friend Fran, her son, her sister, and her sister's family at Claim Jumper's before heading home.  All of them are visiting from Hawaii.  We all had a nice meal together and talking story (as the Hawaiian's would say). Fran ordered a chicken salad,

I ordered a seared ahi salad,

my hubby got food from the salad bar, her BIL ordered steak, and her sister ordered shrimp.  My daughter and her son ordered pizza, one of her nieces ordered a burger, and her other niece ordered pasta.  All the food at Claim Jumper's is very good.  Before saying our "good-byes" Fran and I took a picture together

and gave each other some goodies.  Check out all the onolicious goodies that she gave to my family and I.  The Furikake Puffs are one of our favorite snacks from HI.

We gave her son and her sister's family some of our favorite goodies.

I gave Fran an Asian themed gift.

These are the tags that I attached to their gift bags. 

Here is a close up view of the two girls belts and collars.  I used my Copic Atyou Spica Glitter pens. 

I think that they add the perfect finishing touch to any project. It was lots of fun spending the day in SD on Saturday and a blessing to have dinner with Fran and her family.  I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend too. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

High Tea at T-Neer

Last Friday I had the pleasure of having high tea with my friend Carol.  We have only known each other for almost a year but it feels like we have known each other for a long time with how well we are able to click.  It is so awesome that we both enjoy crafting, are big fans and Hello Kitty and love the Lord.  Both of us really enjoyed our tea and onolicious sandwiches, scones, and desserts.

Here we are with the gifts that we surprised each other with. 

It's so cool that both of us surprised each other with HK themed gifts. Here is a close up of what I gave to her along with what was in the bag.  The tag and the bow are in Carol's two favorite colors.  The tag opens up into a card.

I am so glad that today is Friday and that that the weekend is just around the corner.  I am especially looking forward to spending some time with a friend and her family that are visiting from out of town.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fun, relaxing, and blessed weekend!