Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tea Swaps For April and May

I've been a bit behind in posting my tea swap cards for the past three months. In April my friend Robyn and I were paired up.  The optional theme was to create a card with lace and ribbon.  Since Robyn likes Disney, I made her a card with Minnie Mouse on it and made paper lace using a punch.

Along with the two tea bags, I sent her a Small World magnet.

Robyn made this super cute card and tea holder.

She also sent me some cards that she made in for some of the classes she taught.  She sent them to me as an apology for mailing me the card and tea bags so late.  In May my friend Dori and I were paired up. It was optional to make a book marker.  I made a book marker with cherry blossoms on them because I know how much Dori likes them.

Along with two tea bags I sent her a package of cherry blossom stickers.

This the beautiful and clever book marker pocket and the book marker that Dori made for me.  I love the kimono.

Here is how the book marker looks outside of the pocket.

It's always extra fun getting paired up with friends for the swap.  Stay tune for the card that I made and received for June's swap.  Until then, have a great day!

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