Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creations For Christmas From The Heart

It has truly been a relaxing time off from work.  My family and I have had a great time hanging out together and spending time with friends.  After I go back to work I definitely need to go on a diet since we've been eating so much good food.  LOL!  Well, before going back to work my family and I took down our Christmas tree and decorations.  Before putting away our Christmas cards, I took a picture of the handmade ones that I received and took pictures of the handmade gifts that I received.

All the cards that we receive each year are special, but I especially enjoy seeing all the hard work that friends have put into making a card for my family and I.  By the way, inside the above box my friend put a cake mix inside.  What a brilliant idea! Before ending this post I wanted to post a picture of some thing else handmade that one of my good friends made for me.  She made me a scarf.  Isn't it beautiful?

She not only makes awesome creations out of material, but also out of yarn and paper.  I hope to be as talented as she is when I grow up.  :) Thanks for stopping by today and for being part of my 2014!  I hope that each of you will have a 2015 that is full of God's blessings. Big hugs!

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