Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cards, Gifts, and a Fun Time in San Francisco

A week ago my family and I were still in beautiful San Francisco having a great time.  We were there for 4 fab days for my kids' Spring Break.  Before heading there I was busy making cards and got some gifts for two friends that we will be meeting for dinner.  These are the two cards that I made for them.

The brown and pink one was for my friend Gail and her hubby.  (Unfortunately he was not able to join us for dinner this year.) This is the Disney themed gift that I gave to them. 

She gave us a SF Traders Joes bag full of delicious snacks from there.  I think the bag is super cool since it has the Golden Gate Bridge on it.  I am sorry I don't have a picture of the snacks.  My hubby already put them away in our pantry.  I am sure my kids have gobbled some of them up already.  LOL!

My family and I had a lot of fun having dinner with her at a Japanese restaurant.

The other card that I made is for my hubby's good friend Tina and her family. 

They surprised my kids with some fun lego toys and we gave them some toys and some of our favorite snacks from Disneyland. We had a good time with Tina and her family enjoying some ono food from The Gridz, a Hawaiian restaurant.  I surprised the owners of the restaurant with a tag and gave them one of our favorite Hawaiian snacks  just as a little "mahalo" for always being one of our favorite places to eat when we visit.

Before sharing some pictures of our trip in SF I want to share with you the cards that Gail and I made for each other.  A few weeks before leaving for SF Gail and I decided to do a swap using the Botanical Garden stamp set from Stampin Up.  This is the card and tablets that she made for me.

 Here is the card that I made for her.

Besides visiting friends while we were in SF we went to Alcatraz (It was an interesting experience going there.  We went on an audio tour and got to hear how the ceil doors sound when they open and close which is pretty loud.  It made me shiver a bit.  We even got to meet one of the ex-prisoners.),

Muir Woods (It is a beautiful national park with red wood trees.),

to the Gold Gate Bridge,

to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown (It was so much fun going shopping at different booths, shopping at the Hello Kitty Café, taking pictures with Donutella from Tokidoiki, and eating fresh potato chips on a shish kabob skewer sprinkled lightly with seaweed, a crepe with green tea ice cream and strawberries, and a musubi. We ate a late lunch at ono HI restaurant called Laina.),


and did lots of shopping (One of my favorite stores was Beverely's Craft store. I got some good deals on rhinestones and some glitter jelly pens.  Of course I purchased a few other items too.).

My family and I are thankful that it was not too cold while we were there and it only sprinkled from time to time.  It rained after we finished going to the festival and when we were driving home. On the way home we stopped in Fresno and spent the night at my hubby's uncle and aunt's house since it was raining.  Of course as we were getting closer to Fresno it stopped raining.  LOL!  Just to be safe we stayed in Fresno and had lunch with his aunt and uncle at a Vietnamese restaurant before heading home.  Check out the huge bowl of beef noodle soup with tendons. 

It was another awesome vacation to SF.  My family and I miss being there already.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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