Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Secret Sister Meet and Greet

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of having lunch with 4 of the ladies from the Secret Sister Swap that I join each month. Kathy, the person that organizes the swap, set up the meet and greet for us.  I previously met 2 of the ladies before, but it was great to see them again and of course to finally get to meet the other two ladies.  For the meet and greet I thought it would be fun to surprise each of them with a little some thing that I put together.  I gave each person a Martinelli and decorated it a bit. 

These are the fun and thoughtful gifts that the ladies made and gave out.

Here is a picture of us having a onolicous and fun time together. (Next to me is Kathy and Annie.  Next to the brick wall is Kim and next to her is Leanne.)  I listed the ladies names for those of you join the swap each month.  Now you can link the name to the person next time you are paired up with them.
It was fun meeting up with these super creative and nice ladies.  I look forward to getting together with them again one day soon.  Maybe next time more of the ladies from the swap can join us.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for coming by!

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  1. you are so lucky to live by each other to meet! It is nice to put face to a name. I have to say this, this is one great group of friendly and talented women who it has been a pleasure to swap with