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Created With Aloha Two

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Christmas and Some Awesome Cards

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with family and friends last week.  Mine was pretty good especially because God gave me the opportunity to share God's love with one of Benson's relatives.

It's always an honor and privilege to get to do that.  For brunch my family and I had dim sum with my side of the family

and then opened our presents.  For dinner we spent the evening with my hubby's family.  The food that we enjoyed was ono too. After dinner we took family pictures,

watched a slide show to recap 2013, and played some games. The entire day was lots of fun.  In closing I would like to share one of my favorite Christmas gifts

and some crafty Christmas cards made by some very talented friends.

Have a blessed 2014!

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  1. As always, the food looks yummy and makes me drool. You sure got some nice gifts and cards! HAPPY NEW YEAR COLLEEN.