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Created With Aloha Two

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some New Crafty and Fun Products

A little more than a month ago my family and I as I mentioned a few posts ago we spent our Spring Break in beautiful San Francisco.  While we were there we had a chance to visit one of my good friends Gail and her hubby.  For the past two years I usually give her b-day present a little early.  I usually try to get products for her that are hard to mail.  I made this card

and gave her a Japanese doll and a matching tablet.  I always think it's a lot more fun to give a gifts and cards when everything coordinates.

Both of us usually exchange b-day presents when we meet up, but Gail said that this time around she will need to mail it to me since she is waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  This is what she sent to me a few weeks ago.

She put the die into the holder that says "Happy B-day."

I love the DSP that she used for my card and gift holder.  I love the die too and can't wait to make some fun cards with it.  Thanks GF for such a generous and thoughtful gift.  Before ending this post for today I wanted to share some of the fun products I purchased while visiting SF. (I said that I would share some of the fun items that I purchased during my trip in SF awhile back so I am finally doing it today. Thanks for your patience.) During my visit there I went shopping at Michaels. There are Michaels stores where I live but they are nothing compared to the in SF.  There's is much bigger and a lot more fun items.  Here's my stash of goodies from there.

I also went shopping at Daiso, a Japanese knicknack store.  There are also Daiso stores where I live, but the products that they have in the one in SF is much better. I purchased some washi paper, Asian cloth tape, and felt.  I also purchased a couple of rubber stamps and some Asian cloth, but can't seem to find it right now. LOL!

Last but not least I went shopping in various stores in Japantown.

Japantown was my favorite areas to shop next to purchasing some clothes for work at the Ann Taylor outlet. If I lived in SF I think I would be poor and very chubby.  I love all their stores and their ono food too.  Even though we have been back for a little more than a month I miss being there already.  LOL!  Hopefully I will have a chance soon to craft using some of the products that I purchased.  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

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