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Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Little Glimpse of Memorial Day

I was hoping to post last weekend or this past week, but I ran out of time and energy. I hope that all of you had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend last week.  I had a very nice one.  It started off with my hubby and I attending the annual 24 hour event at Disneyland.  We last 17 hours, 3 hours less than last year.  We think this year may be our last year attending an event like this because it was very tiring by time it hit 8 hours.  Here we are at approximately 3 hours into the event.

One of our favorites about the event was being to go as a single rider on the rides.  We were able to go on one of our favorite rides twice in row with only needing to wait a few minutes.  Another highlight was the special meal that we got to order- chicken and waffles.  

Not only were the waffles super cute, but also extra delicious.  Although it was tiring, the event will always be treasured and remembered.  We brought two of their souvenirs- a Mickey hat with the name of the event embroidered on it and some of their pins. I made a topper for one of the pins that we purchased as a gift for a friend.

Of course on Saturday I went to bed as soon as I got home.  I slept 8 hours.  Thankfully my parents were taking care our kids so that I could get some much needed rest.  Sunday was a relaxing day with errands after church.  On Monday my family and I went to the California Science Center.  We have been there twice before, but this time around was more amazing.  We got the see the Endeaver Space Shuttle.  

It was much bigger than I imagined it.  We were also went to the Pompeii Exhibit which was very nice, but sad.  Their whole city was gone within 48 hours of the eruption of the volcano.  We really enjoyed learning about the history of the people that lived there but felt devastated about the tragedy that happened to them. Here is one of the many people that was hit by the tragedy.  

They had a simulation of the event.  It was scary enough just going through the simulation.  I hope and pray that some thing like this will never happen again.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my weekend last week.  I can't believe that it was already a week ago that we went to the 24 hour event at Disneyland and to the Science museum.  Thanks for dropping by.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Wow, that was quite an eventful weekend. Almost like being a tourist close to home. Now that's gotta be the cutest waffles I've seen.....too cute to eat. LOL. Ohhh wow, the space shuttle does look HUGE. I still recall that tragic sad. Oh a happy note, glad you had a fabulous long weekend.