Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gifts From My Ohana to Family and Friends in Oahu

My family and I got back from our 10 day super fun and relaxing vacation in Oahu 4 days ago. (We are happy that we made it safely home before the storms hit Oahu.) The 4 of us had a great time visiting my two cousins, visiting 6 friends, going shopping, eating ono food, and going sightseeing.  Even though we have been to Oahu so many times we still manage to still have lots of fun and find new things to do. We took lots of beautiful pictures during our 10 days in paradise.  So you won't get too bored I will only be sharing some of them with you and a few on each post.  I will start off by sharing with you some of the gifts that I made and brought.  Each person/family that we saw I made them some thing and gave them each a one of our favorite treats.  Here's what I made

and the treats that we gave to my cousins and friends.

We received treats from some of them too.  I will be sharing them with you on another day.
Before ending my post for today I would like to share with you some pictures of the ono pastries that we ate.  It was out first time going to Liliha Bakery and Kamehameha Bakery and will definitely will not be our last. At Liliha Bakery we ordered their red bean malasadas as well as their haupia and apple filled ones, a mango roll, and their coco puffs, and their cream puffs.

My kids loved the cream puffs.  I thought that the Chantilly Lace on top of the puffs were the best.  At Kamehameha Bakery and ordered their taro malasadas and guava malasadas.

My family and I are not usually into pastries, but when it comes to HI ones we can't resist.  LOL!  Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tune for more posts of our trip to paradise.

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