Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, August 22, 2014

Good Times In Oahu With Cousins and Friends and RAKs

One last post about my trip to Oahu.  I hope that you aren't getting too bored with my pictures of my vacation in paradise.  I could probably go on for weeks posting pictures of my vacation, but I won't bore you by doing that.  LOL!  Before I go on with the post I want to warn you that this post will be a long one. You may want to grab a nice cold drink or two before you continue reading.  :) During our 10 in Oahu there as I mentioned earlier my family and I got to visit with family and friends. During our first week there we had dinner with my cousin Candice (She was studying abroad at the University of Manoa.).  We had dinner together at LikeLike.

Next we had dinner with my cousin Deannie at Zippys.  It was super nice to get to see her since we have not seen each other ever since I was in junior high school.  We hooked up about a year ago on Facebook and have kept in touch since then.

I started off the the weekend with having breakfast at KoKo Head Cafe with my friend Grace.

We had a fab day together enjoying each others company, catching up on things, and going shopping at J's Knicknacks (Here's a picture of me with Cliff and Cheryl. Cheryl and I have chatted online, but this was the first time that we met each other.),

Celebrations, and at 2 of the Ben Franklins (At one of them we ran into Jenny from Sister Stamps.  She was nice enough to take a picture with both of us.)

Our last stop after having lunch at the Wards Center was at Taj Clubhouse.  We made a make and take there.

On Sunday my family and I had dinner with Fran and her family at Side Street Cafe.  Both of our families had a blast together.

The last friend that we got to see was Michelle and her family.  We had dinner together at Highway Inn at their new location in Honolulu.

Before ending this post I want to share the RAK that my family and I were given by Candice,


Fran and her family (She gave us the two yarn leis that Stitch is wearing.),

and by Michelle and her family.

It's always a blessing and the highlight of our trip to Oahu when we get to visit different people that we know. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone and miss everyone very much already.  A big mahalo to you for taking time to look at my long post.  Until next time happy crafting and God bless!

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  1. The ohana had a great time with yours!! Hope to do it again next year! It went by short yet sweet!! {xoxo}