Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Secret Pal Gift Exchange and Our Mini Vacation

For those of you that had a 3 day weekend last weekend I hope that you had a fun and relaxing one.  My was very nice. My family and I had great time in San Diego going shopping, eating ono food, and going to Legoland. Today I am going to share about an annual tradition that we have at work each year for Valentine's Day.  We have a Secret Pal gift exchange.  I thinks it's always fun to surprise the person you are paired up with with some fun gifts for a few days and to get to receive some fun gifts in return.  I usually try to find out what the person's favorite candy, place to shop, etc. so that I can surprise them with gifts that they would enjoy.  This time around I was paired up with my co-worker Kathy.  I talked to her daughter to find out what she likes.  I tried not to reveal who I am by making some thing crafty.  Of course I tried to add a crafty touch to each of her gifts.  On the first day I surprised Kathy with one of her favorite candies.

On the second day I gave her candy with nuts in it. I made it more fun by putting it in a heart box.

On the final day I put my crafty touches to work as I revealed to Kathy who I am in the card that I made for along with a hamburger box that I die-cutted and decorated.  For her final gift I gave her a gift card to one of her favorite stores to shop.  Here a picture of the front of the box.

This the top of the box

and the inside of it with the card and gift card.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post my family and I went to San Diego over the weekend.  It was lots fun and very relaxing.  Here are a few highlights... eating at Phil's BBQ (We got there at 4:15 pm and it was already a 45 minute wait.  It's always a long wait to get to eat there but it is always worth it.),

making a Valentine's Day make and take at a stamp store with my daughter,

eating gourmet cookies (You get to sample as many pieces of cookie as you would like.),

and meeting up with a good friend and her family at LEGOLAND. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. What a fun exchange!!!! Bet Kathy was all smiles with all the goodies you gave her. How sweet of you to go the extra mile to find out what she likes. Holy cow, Phil's BBQ must have some really yummy food. I don't think we'd wait that long. I'm craving cookies now. They all look so ono. Drool.