Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bling It On, Anything Goes Card, and Up For 21 Hours

I hope that all of you are having a fab Memorial Day weekend.  Before I share a little about mine I am going to share some crafty creations from two different swaps.  For the tea swap one of the recent optional themes was "Bling It On."  This is the card that I made for Jayne.

Jayne made a cute double side pocket for me and filled them with HK products.

Here is how the other side of the pocket looks.  She also made me decorated a little bag for me and put tea bags inside.

In addition to being my tea swap partner Jayne was also my secret sister.  Check out the awesome card (The theme for the swap was "anything goes.")

and cute HK products she sent to me. 

It felt like it was Christmas again with all the fabulous and thoughtful items that she sent to me.
Thank you so much again Jayne for being such an awesome tea swap partner.   Okay, now onto some pictures about my Memorial Day.  It started with my hubby and I attending the 24 hours event at Disneyland for their 60th Anniversary.  We stayed a total of 21 hours.  It was crazy busy there but we had a very memorable time.  Here is a fun picture of us.

Besides having fun hanging out with each other we also had fun shopping (Here is a picture of two of my favorite products that we purchased.),

sitting on rides, meeting up with friends, and of course eating ono food.  Here a picture of the dessert that we had- a smore's bar.  This was one of the exclusive foods that they had for the event.

Saturday we slept for most of the day and then ran errands.  Today we ran errands and just relaxed after church.  My family and I look forward to having the day off tomorrow and look forward to spending some time together.  I hope that all of you will have a wonderful day off and will take some time to honor and thank the Lord for all those that have served our country and that are currently serving our country.  May God bless them all and their families! 


  1. You sure make a really pretty card for Jayne. What a coincidence that she was your partner for the tea swap and also your secret sister. I like the double pocket and card she made for you. Holy cow, that's a marathon visit to Disneyland. I'd be cross-eyed. LOL. So glad you all had a fabulous time.

  2. Two pretty swaps and how nice that it was for the same partner!
    You and your hubs are troopers! I've done the 24 hour twice and even though it was the 1st day of the 60th I decided to not go. Glad you were able to have some fun and get some great purchases. I hope to get there soon to see the new parade, I hear it's awesome!!