Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Day In San Diego With Family and Friends

Over the weekend my family and I spent the day in San Diego visiting some of our favorite stores and restaurants.  One of the stores that we went to was Paper Tales. As  you can see from the pictures the store is super cute.

We had brunch at one of favorite restaurants- Phil's BBQ.  Their beef ribs and onion rings are the best!

Afterwards we got dessert at Cravory Cookies and lots of fun sampling their cookies before we placed our order.  They have little pieces of cookies in different chores that you can request to sample. 

After dessert we visited several other stores.  One of them was Marukai.  I found some fun Hello Kitty products and a HI bag.

After a full day of shopping at our favorite stores we had dinner with my good friend Fran, her son, her sister, and her sister's family at Claim Jumper's before heading home.  All of them are visiting from Hawaii.  We all had a nice meal together and talking story (as the Hawaiian's would say). Fran ordered a chicken salad,

I ordered a seared ahi salad,

my hubby got food from the salad bar, her BIL ordered steak, and her sister ordered shrimp.  My daughter and her son ordered pizza, one of her nieces ordered a burger, and her other niece ordered pasta.  All the food at Claim Jumper's is very good.  Before saying our "good-byes" Fran and I took a picture together

and gave each other some goodies.  Check out all the onolicious goodies that she gave to my family and I.  The Furikake Puffs are one of our favorite snacks from HI.

We gave her son and her sister's family some of our favorite goodies.

I gave Fran an Asian themed gift.

These are the tags that I attached to their gift bags. 

Here is a close up view of the two girls belts and collars.  I used my Copic Atyou Spica Glitter pens. 

I think that they add the perfect finishing touch to any project. It was lots of fun spending the day in SD on Saturday and a blessing to have dinner with Fran and her family.  I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend too. 


  1. OMGosh, I'd be in heaven shopping at Paper Tales. Looks like they have a TON of goodies there. Bet I could spend the entire day there....or maybe two. LOL. All of the food and cookies you ate looks super-duper yummy. I could go for some of that Chicken Salad now. Chomp-chomp. You and Fran exchanges some really sweet treats and craft goodies. Glad you all had a grand time.

  2. Unfortunately I didn't make it to Paper Tales but hope to on my next trip to visit you and your beautiful family! Thank you for all the yummy and great goodies! We had a wonderful time with your ohana. Just wish it was longer :o) xoxo