Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, June 12, 2015

Gifts Made From the Heart

This week I made Hawaiian themed "thank you" gifts for co-workers.  I cut and crimped some brown cardstock and wrapped it around packages of coconut patties.  To keep the Hawaiian theme going I punched out hibiscus and stamped tags that say "mahalo" on it to put the crimped paper. I made 30 of these.  This is how the gifts looks.

I used the same idea and wrapped the crimped cs around cans of HI coffee.

Along with the HI coffee I gave two HI print scarves to two of my closest co-workers and friends and

made them a tag.  I wrote a message for them on the pink square on the tags.

One last gift that I gave was a tablet shaped like a cupcake.  As soon as I saw this notepad I immediately thought of one of the secretaries at work.  She is makes the most cute and professional looking cupcakes.  Of course the cupcakes that she makes look way better than the one on the notepad.  :)  To make the gift a little more fun I stamped a topper to put on it.

I am glad that my co-workers/friends enjoyed the gifts that I made for them.  Thanks dropping by! Have great weekend!


  1. Your co-workers are so lucky to have you. I'm sure they always look forward to receiving all of the yummy goodies with your creative touch. The cupcake notepad is perfect for the "baker" secretary. She must've been overjoyed receiving it. Have a wonderful weekend Colleen.

  2. These are great, Colleen!! I just love how you decorated each favor with a Hawn flair!