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Created With Aloha Two

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February's Tea Swap and Some Fun Pictures

I hope that this post is finding everyone doing well.  This week instead of fighting a fever, I have been battling allergies.  I am hoping and praying that my nose will stop running soon.  I was hoping to write this post over the weekend, but I ran out of time.  After each fun day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I was a bit too tired to do much but relax.  I am finally getting around to writing a post today.  Stay tune for some fun pictures of my weekend at the end of this post.  First I'd like to share the tea swap that I participated in last month.  My friend Dori and I were paired up.  The optional theme was hearts and chocolate.  This is what Dori made and sent to me.

This is what I made and sent to her. (Inside the mini enveloped that I die-cutted I put a card in it and a piece of Gharadelli chocolate.)

Thanks again Dori for being such a fun and thoughtful swap partner last month.  Okay, not onto a few pictures of the fun events that I went to.  On Friday my family and I went to Hollywood to watch the new Disney movie "Zootopia." 

Before we the movie we got to see a real live fox, rabbit, and a sloth.  We also got to watch a stage show with the two of the main characters dancing around. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to a book signing where I met some of the Disney animators of  "Zootopia."  After a 3 hour wait in front of the book store and 2 hour presentation and Q&A session I met the animators and got my booked signed.  Each person that attended the event got a movie poster from Disney.

Each of them are super talented and seemed to be very nice people. I was extra happy to get to meet the artist of one of my favorite characters-

On Sunday my family and I went to California Adventure for our annual Easter egg hunt.  Check out the big eggs around the park that we get to find using different clues from a map that we purchased. 

We ended up purchasing 4 maps- two for Calif. Adventure, one for Disneyland, and one for Downtown Disney.  We purchased that many maps so that we could redeem some cute Easter eggs of some of 4 of our favorite characters. 

Good thing we could redeem the eggs when we purchased the maps. Thanks for stopping by today to see what fun crafty projects I have to share along with fun pictures of what I have been up to. 

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  1. You and Dori had a really nice swap! Always nice to receive happy mail. OMG, can't believe you waited in line for 3 hours. That's a LONG time. Hope you're feeling better soon! Take good care.