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Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Fun Weekends

Happy Spring! Every weekend starting from the last weekend of February I  had a fun event to attend.  On the last Sunday of February a friend I attended a class that one of our friends was teaching at an invitation store.  The owner of the store taught us how to fold an origami dress.  It was a bit complicated learning how to fold it. 

I surprised the friend that was teaching the class with a special treat from Disneyland and made her a tag. 

Before leaving some of us purchased some washi paper.

I did not purchase any.  I know that because the paper is so pretty I will not use it.  On the first Saturday this month I went to a Moofia Tokidoki blind box release at a local bookstore.  My daughter, a friend, and I waited in line for the event for 3 hours.  It was worth the wait though because we had lot so fun shopping at the store, got complementary milk and cookies (Isn't the cookie just too cute?),

played a game, took pictures of fun Tokidoki backdrops, and a picture with Mozarella.  This is a picture of him with a person that I ran into in line that used to work where I currently work.

I didn't recognize her from work but from previous events that we have both attended.  I made a tag with Moofia on it and attached it to a bag of yummy cuttle corn for the friend that attended the event with me.

The second Saturday of this month I went to the Zootopia book signing which I posted pictures of on my last post.  Last Saturday I attended a class with two friends that Taylor from Taylored Expressions was teaching.  (My friends and I new Taylor before she became "famous" in the craft world.  I used to take her classes once a month.  Since we take classes with her once a month.)

I surprised Taylor with goodies from Disneyland and made her a tag too.

At the class a person came up to me and introduced herself.  It was Jenny one of my previous Secret Sister Swap partners. 

Thanks Jenny for coming up to me.  It was nice getting to meet you and having the chance to chat a bit. This weekend I will be attending a Stampin Up class. It has been so much fun attending all events even though I have been exhausted after each one.  I am looking forward to some quite weekends next month.  :)  Thanks for stopping by today! 

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  1. It's always great to see all of the fun places you go to. The cards you all made is really nice....totally girly. I'll bet your friend was very touched with the Disney treats you thoughtfully gave to her. OMG, the washi papers are beautiful. I know what you mean, too nice to use. Same for the cute cookie....too cute to eat. Awww, so that you got to meet Jenny. What a nice surprise. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.