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Created With Aloha Two

Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Mail and A Japanese Festival

Today marks the last Friday of my summer break.  :(  What a bittersweet week it has been.  I look forward to seeing everyone at work, but of course do not look forward to doing all the paperwork again.  I wish I had a little more time off.  Every summer seems to go by faster and faster.  As my summer comes to an end I thank the Lord for the fab summer that He has blessed my family and I with with together and spending time with family and friends at fun places and enjoying good food.  This week I received several pieces of "happy mail" to bright up my mood.  I received this super cute card from my friend Cathy all the way from New York along with a Starbucks NY gift card (She remembers that I collect the gift cards from around the world. )

She also sent me these delicious biscottis. (She sent me two dozen.)  She is a very good baker and chef.

In the mail I also received the "Year of the Monkey" monkey from Bear the Bear that I ordered.  Isn't he cute?

Before I end I want to share some pictures with you a festival that my family and I went to last week for Nesei Week.  Even though it was hot we had a fabulous time.  My favorites were taking a picture with Hello Kitty,

meeting a Pop artist that draws Hello Kitty,

seeing Frances Yip (She is the designer of one of my favorite t-shirts. Since she is retiring soon I asked her to autograph one of her stamps,),

seeing the Kubo exhibit (I can't wait to watch the movie.),

and seeing the huge Japanese kites. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed weekend! 

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  1. You sure received some sweet happy mail. I'm sure you were all smiles opening the pkg. Despite your summer vacation coming to an end, I'm sure you had a very fun-filled summer spent with friends, family, travel, and lots of ono food. Wishing you a fabulous school year.