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Created With Aloha Two

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Memorable Mother's Day

I hope that all of you grandmother's, mothers, godmothers, aunties, teachers, mentors, counselors, and friends out there had a special time being honored this weekend.  I definitely had a blessed time and lots of fun.  It started off by my family and I celebrating Mother's Day early at Disneyland on Friday after our kids go out of school.

It was very nice celebrating Mother's Day there with three of my favorite people.   Ending a busy and stressful week there definitely helped me to relax.  On Saturday my family prepped for Mother's Day by running errands to finish getting gifts and making tags with our kids's on them to attach to the gifts.  We put a picture of my kids on one side of the scallop circle that we die cutted  with my Big Shot and on the other side we xeroxed a message from my kids.  Since we gave quiet few gifts, it would have taken forever for them to write each tag.  They took turns writing on every other line.

Sunday was a long, fun, ono, and very memorable day.  I thank the Lord for all the extra love my hubby and my kids gave to me today and for their thoughtful and generous gifts.

At worship all the mothers were not only honored with a corsage, but also a chocolate covered strawberry.

It was also very nice getting to have lunch with my side of the family after church.  Here is a picture of my two sisters and I with my mom.

It's an annual tradition for us to go out for sushi on Mother's Day.  Check out all the ono food that we ordered.

After lunch we had some fun shopping at Little Tokyo.  Then went home to relax a bit before going out to dinner with my hubby's side of the family.  We wen to a Chinese seafood restaurant.  Here are there of the dishes that we order- fried intestines (It sounds gross, but it tasted pretty good.),

fried fish,

and steamed clams.  

My favorite were between the fried intestines and fried fish.  I especially liked the fish eggs in the fish.  I hope that all of you had as wonderful of a Mother's Day as I did.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please stop by again soon for post with a lot more crafting in it.  

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  1. Holy cow! You surely celebrated Mother's Day big-time. Glad you had a fabulous time with family and friends. I always get hungry when I see all the yummy pix you ate... ahhhh, ahem but Fried Intestines???????????? That, I think I'll pass. Looks ono though. Have a great week.