Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, May 17, 2013

Many Fun and Creative Birthday Cards

Celebrating our b-days in my family is always lots of fun and  lasts for about a month or so.  This includes lots of fun with family and friends, thoughtful gifts, lots of ono food, and of course lovely and heartfelt cards.  Here are the crafty cards that I received from some very creative and talented friends. (Since this is a craft blog, I will only be posting the handmade cards that I received. Of course this does not mean that I am not very appreciative of the store bought cards that I received.)

The last card that I will be posting is partially handmade.  My friend added a cake to this cute HK card that she purchased.

I like all the cards that I received, but these were my favorite since they are from my kids.

I haven't been in the mood to craft all week, but after posting these awesome cards has inspired me to do some crafting.  I'm looking forward to making some fun cards this evening and this weekend.  :)  I hope that all of you will have some time to craft this weekend too.

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  1. Wowie, you sure received a lot of beautiful cards. Of course those from Z and K are extra special and so cute. Have a fun and crafty weekend.