Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quilling and More Celebrating

This weekend I attended a monthly quilling class at a local craft store.  We made this awesome project- an acetate card box with cards inside.

Afterwards I went out to lunch with my friend Esther.  We both ordered wraps.  She ordered the spicey one.

These are the fun projects that we gave to each other.  I made her this purse and

she made me these.

This weekend I also had my second to the last celebration for my b-day this year. It was lots of fun spending time with 4 of my friends,

enjoying a nice Hawaiian meal,

and crafting together.

It was the same as last month's b-day get together except what we ordered for dinner (Last month we ordered a BBQ combo plate lunch and this time we ordered a chicken and beef plate lunch.) and the cake (Last month we ordered a mango cake and this month was a tiramisu cake.) that we enjoyed.  We took a picture together before they sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

I didn't know that my nickname is "Tiramisu." :)  When I first peaked into the box of the cake I thought my hubby picked up someone elses cake by accident since I only had a glimpse of what they wrote on the top.  It was interesting that the bakery wrote "Tiramisu" on the top and wrote my name and "Happy B-day" on the side of the cake.

Even though it was very similar to last month's get together I had just as much fun as last month.  I thank the Lord for the friends that He has blest me with and am grateful to get to celebrate my b-day with some of them.

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  1. Whoa, you are definitely celebrating in style. How FUN!!! And one more to go? ENJOY!!! Love the swaps, so pretty and creative.