Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Fun and Relaxing Vacation in SF

Almost a little more than a week ago my family and I went to San Francisco for five fabulous days. As you 
continue reading you may want to enjoy some thing to drink as you read.  This is a fairly long post.  So sorry about being so long winded.  LOL! Before heading off for our trip besides packing I made my good friend Gail a card (since we will be having dinner together in SF) and put it together in a party favor bag with some crafty goodies.  I attached a flower on a close pin as the bow on her RAK.

I also made her a bow using her favorite color to put on her b-day gift bag.

Okay, now onto some fun pictures of our trip.  We had a great time sightseeing at Angel Island.  We took a ferry across the SF Bay to go to the island where we went on a tram tour.  Even though we

had a beautiful view of the bay on the tour

it was very sad learning about what the Chinese immigrants went through.  Here is a picture of some of the buildings that they were housed in.

On the island we also had a big workout going up 60+ stairs.

After making it up to the top we realized that we did not have to go all the way up since the tram was going to take us to where the stairs led to.  At least we worked off all the food that we ate so far on our trip.  LOL! We also had fun shopping (at some of our favorite stores like Michaels and Barnes and Nobles which were awesome as well as some stores in Japantown. While we were in Japantown

I ate a green tea with red bean crepe

and purchase two Tokidoki bags, and a this cute purse.),

eating ono food(crab salad sandwich on Boudins sour dough bread, calmari, sashimi, waffles with spam in the batter and fried chicken, meatloaf with collared greens and candied yam, loco moco, eggots, and oxtail with mac and cheese and coleslaw.)

visiting museums- a wax museum

and a Pez Museum,

the SF Zoo where saw many beautiful flowers and animals,

and visiting with friends.  On Friday we had dinner with Benson's friend from college and her family.

She made kaula pork with cabbage, mac salad, and dumplings.  We ate the dumplings with miso dressing from HI  which made the dumplings even more yummy.  I had to purchase a model before going home to use with our dumplings, salads, etc.  We also had brunch with her family before we went home on Sunday.  Her ohana got us this delicious box of cookies from Hawaii.

On Friday we had dinner with my friend Gail and her hubby at a Southern restaurant called Hard Knox Café. (Two of the entrees we ordered were the meat loaf and the oxtail pictured above.)

She gave my family and I such a thoughtful, generous, and creative RAK.

My family and I thank the Lord for another amazing trip together in SF.  When we were planning our trip we were thinking that since we went to SF 3 years in a row for Spring Break that we would not be going to for awhile.  After going there however I think we will be there for at least one more time next Spring.  We found several more fun places that we would like to visit.  Thanks for dropping by and sticking it out for such a long post.

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  1. Hi Colleen,
    Love your idea to attach a flower on the clothes pin on your RAK for Gail. Beautiful photos of the places you visited. OMGosh, going up those stairs would sure make me huff and puff. LOL. Good exercise though. As always, the food looks yummy. Spam in the waffle batter? That's interesting. So nice that you could meet up and dine with Gail too. She's a very creative and talented gal. I'm sure you were all smiles with the RAK she made for you and your family.