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Created With Aloha Two

Friday, April 3, 2015

For Easter

Happy Good Friday!  In honor of Easter, thanking Jesus for dying on the cross so that I can have hope and a future, and celebrating Jesus' raising from the dead I made gifts and gave gifts to family and friends.  I used two Easter sentiments from Stampin Up.  The first one I used just says "Happy Easter."  I stamped it using one of my rainbow pads, punched it out, and put it on a clothespin.  On the clothespin I attached a flower.  (I thought this project was going to be super quick to make.  I was wrong.  It took a bit longer than I thought it would since I had a hard time getting the clothespins to stand with the flower on it. Apparently all the flowers look the same but are not all the same weight. LOL!)

I also put the sentiment on some containers of chocolate,

cans of coffee,

and put it on some candy bars.

The second sentiment that I used has tulips with it.  I stamped it and put it on the candy bar wrappers too. I used the same stamp to make tags to put on the gift bags

that I put chocolate candy crosses in.  Besides making goodies for Easter my family and I visit the grave site of our grandparents and my hubby's dad.  We usually purchase little balloons for my kids to put with the flowers that we give, but this year we decided to make our own tags and put it with the flowers.  My kids did a fab job making them.

They looked looked great with the flowers.

It is always a bittersweet time for all of us when we pay our respects to those that have gone before us into Heaven.  As we reflect on our times with them, we thank the Lord for each of them and for how they have touched our lives.  We miss them grately but look forward to seeing all of them again one day.  I hope that you will have a blessed Easter!

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  1. I see you've been really busy making all of these yummy treats. Love the pretty blend of colors using the rainbow pad. Z and K also did an amazing job with the flower picks/tags. They look GREAT with the beautiful flowers. HAPPY EASTER!!!