Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sister Stamps Is One of My Favorite Companies

Sister Stamps is one of my favorite companies.  One of my good friends told me about the company when it first started and I was hooked immediately.  All their stamps are super cute.  I think I have almost every one of their stamps.  I recently made a card

using one of their stamps for a friend's b-day.  It was lots of fun coloring it.  I recently inked up another stamp from Sister Stamps, colored it, and put it on top of a bag of rice crackers. (The friend that I gave the bag of rice crackers to is a taiko drummer so I thought it would be the perfect stamp image to color for her.)  The taiko drummer stamp that I used is a boy, but I changed it into a girl by adding a pony tail.  Sister Stamp's does have a taiko drummer that is a girl but I don't have that stamp.

Sister Stamps recently designed a t-shirt.  I purchased one for one of my friends as a gift and of course purchased one for me.  Here is a picture of my friend with the t-shirt on.  I unfortunately did not wear my Sister Stamps t-shirt for Chinese New Year.

I don't use the Sister Stamps as often as I would like to because it takes time to color them.  When I do have a chance to make one I always have a relaxing time coloring with my Copics.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You did a fabulous job coloring both SS images. And you are so clever to transform the taiko "boy" to a "girl". Love it!!!! Your friend looks great in the SS t-shirt. Bet she wore it proudly.