Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tags and Gifts

I am missing my happy place- Oahu.  I miss being there throughout the year, but I miss it most usually during this time when we have just come back.  Since we have come home I have been feeling really lazy.  I have not done much except unpack, play the Tsum Tsum game on my phone, and do some collages on my phone of our pictures from our trip to post on Facebook.  I have only made two cards this week. My swap partners have not received my cards yet so I will hold off for now on posting them.  Today I am going to share the tags that  I made for our gift bags for our friends in Oahu.  I made these for the adults.  The characters say "friend."  The little girl stamps are from Dandelion Designs. I made the tags using cardstock note cards from Daiso.  I was super excited when I saw them.  They are decorated on both sides and is perfect to use to make tags with.

These are the tags for the kids.

I gave our friends some of our favorite snacks from two of our favorite places to visit- Knotts and Disneyland and a few items that they like.

Here are the thoughtful and generous gifts our friends gave to us.

One of my friends gave me this beautiful bag with lots of goodies both crafty and edible.  She also gave me some Hello Kitty products.  When I was taking the items out it felt like Mary Poppin's bag.

Since this post is long enough already without me adding too many additional pictures I will just end with two beautiful pictures from our trip to Oahu.  The first one is of one of the rainbows that we saw.  We saw 8 rainbows in one day.  We never saw such big ones or with colors so vibrant. Seeing them is always a good reminder to me that God will always keep His promises and that He will always take good care of us. 

The second one is of the sunset that we saw at the beach.  We went to beach to hang out in the water and wait for the sun to set.  The sun seemed to take forever to set.  LOL! It of course was worth the wait.

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!  Hope that you have some time to craft.

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  1. Love, love the tags you made for all the gifts. They were so beautiful I was going to ask if you made them or bought them. All the goodies were fabulous too! I just finished going through my bag again. Miss you, my friend!!