Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Fun, Filled Weekend

It's seems like all the weekends this month have been lots of fun.  I think it's always great to be able to do a little bit of different activities on the weekend and still have enough time and energy to craft.  This weekend started off with attending a monthly quilling class. Before the class, my good friend Esther and I went out to lunch.

We both ordered the same thing- a delicious cheese burger.

As usual we surprised each other with a RAK.   I made this snowman for her

and she made this easel calendar card for me. 

These are the cute bears that we quilled.  Can you believe that the entire bear is made out of strips of paper?

In the evening my hubby and I went to a Hawaiian concert with our good friend John.  We all ordered different sushi rolls.  All of them were pretty good, but I think the what my hubby ordered, the lotus roll  looked the best.

It was awesome to get to watch our favorite Hawaiian artist, Keali'i Reichel perform.  As usual we loved it!
Not only did we get to hear him sing some our favorite songs, but we got to meet him and get his autograh. 

We had seen him in concert many times, but have never had the prilege of meeting him.  That was super cool!  We felt like teenagers again.  :)   We ended our weekend by putting up lights on our house outside and putting up our Christmas tree.  My hubby and I  were a little later in putting everything up this year, but are glad that we finally had a chance to.  I hope that that all of you are having a good time prepping for CHRISTmas.

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  1. Love the RAKs you and Esther shared. How fun!!!
    And she KNOWS you like Hello Kitty huh? You're turning into the Quilling Queen...sweet bear! That fancy sushi looks yummy!!! I feel like eating some now. LOL. WOW, better frame that pix of you, your hubby, and Keali'i Reichel. He has an amazing voice!!! Glad you had a GREAT weekend.