Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stamp Club This Month

I attend a stamp club each month where each person takes turns being the hostess.  The hostess gets to earn goodies from Stampin Up based on much everyone orders.  The hostess is charge of bringing snack.  This month  Marie was the hostess.  Check out the yummy snack that she brought for us.

Some people in the club made Chirstmas gifts.

Check out this beautiful scarf that one of the ladies made.  She made a variety of colors and let each of us pick the color that we wanted.  Of course I picked the purple one- my favorite color.

For my gifts I made calendars and covered them with SU DSP.

I also made tags.

Before ending my post for today I wanted to share two additional pictures with you.  The first one is of my hubby and I at the Donna and Marie Christmas concert that we went to on Friday.  It was awesome!

I btw, was one of their biggest fans when I was little.  I remember having posters of them on my wall in my bedroom, had many of their albums, and even had a guitar with their picture on it.  LOL!  The second and last picture of one of my good friends and I at the Guppy House in Temple City.  Both of our families went there for dinner last night.  Here we are enjoying a peanut butter brick toast for dessert.

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me to see what I have to share.  :)

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  1. Ummmm yummy pictures. What a fun club to belong to. We should have one in Hilo too. Nice gifts and RAKs too. I'm sure everyone was smiling ear-to-ear.