Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, June 21, 2013

Gifts From the Heart

Happy first day of summer!  Today was officially the last day of work for me for a little more than two months.  So happy to have a little break from meetings and paperwork.  Even though I won't miss the work I will definitely miss the kids on my caseload and my co-workers.  Each year I like to give some of my co-workers a gift to express my appreciation for their support this year.  As usual as for my end of the year gift to them I like to have a Hawaiian theme.  As you probably remember I gave the same coconuts for my b-day party favors and the same chocolate coconut patties to my friends that were visiting from SF.  It was so much fun giving these out previously that I thought it would be a good idea to give the same items out to some of my co-workers.

I was not able to get enough of the coconuts and patties so I also purchased some water bottles that have tikis and hibiscus carved on them.  I included a Hawaiian punch mix for fun.

Here is a close up picture of the tags that I made.

Along with giving my co-worker's gifts I also give the kids on my caseload that graduated a card and a gift.  This year I decided to make a card with our school mascot on the front for each of them.

One of my co-workers and I went out to lunch yesterday to celebrate the end of our year.

It has been a blessing working with the kids, their parents and my co-workers.  I look forward to my time off to be refreshed to work with them all again.  Have a fun, relaxing, and safe summer everyone.  Let the fun begin!!!  :)

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  1. Lucky co-workers Colleen. Bet they all had a huge smile on their faces with the goodies you gave them. The multi-colored ink you used on the tags look so cool. Oh, and the food looks so deeeeelicious! Looks like you both enjoyed some Mexican cuisine. Enjoy your summer.