Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Cards and a RAK

Yes, I have two blog posts this week.  Are you surprised? :) Today I will be posting November's Secret Sister Swap. Kathy was my Secret Sister.  Check out the awesome "Fall" card that she made for me

along with the cool RAK that she included. 

I was Secret Sister to my friend Karen.  Since we KIT through our e-mails it was a little hard to keep it secret that I am her Secret Sister.  I made a her this card that opens like a door

and sent her a some of her favorite items as a goodies.  It continues to be lots of fun participating in this swap.  It is especially fun to swap with people that I know and am friends with.  Thanks for Kathy for a fun swap.  Karen, I am glad that you like what I made for you and surprised you with.  Have a blessed, fun, and crafty weekend!

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  1. You got a really sweet card in pretty fall colors from Kathy and some awesome RAKs. And I love the card you made for me. BEAUTIFUL!!! Have a super fun and crafty weekend.