Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More Flip It Cards

Happy first day of July!  I hope that this post is finding you doing well and staying cool.  It seems like it's been super hot everywhere. I am sure all of you out there have favorite dies that you have where you are on a roll each time you use them.  One of my favorites is the "Triple Circle Flip It" die by Stephanie Bernard.  I posted a Hello Kitty flip card that I made awhile ago using the die.  Shortly after making this card I made two other cards using the die. Each of the cards I made are in a theme that two of my friends like.   One of the cards was another Hello Kitty card.  Here is the front of it.

Here is a view of the back of the card.

The second card that made is a card with a "beach/Hawaiian" theme.   Here is the front of it.

Here is view of the back of the card.

The first card that I made using the die I admit was a bit challenging with so many pieces to cut, but after making the first one it was very relaxing to make more cards with the die.  I really like that the die has all the different pieces for you to piece together to make a card.  No measuring is necessary. After writing this post has got me motivated to take out the flip die to make more cards.  Maybe I will experiment with using the other flip dies that I have.  Before I end today's post I wanted to share with you two pictures of my visit to Disneyland over the weekend with my family.  Our trips there are always very fun and relaxing.  With having annual passes we don't feel like we need to rush to get things done.  The first highlight of our time there was getting to see the "Inside Out" float in the Pixar parade. 

That movie is one of my favorites.  The characters in it are so cute!  A second highlight is getting to see a preview of the Ant Man movie.

(Disneyland often has previews of their movies that are coming out.)  The movie looks pretty good.  We can't wait for it to come out in a few weeks.  Two other highlights is the fireworks that they have for their 60th Anniversary and the new electrical parade.  It was out first time watching the fireworks.  It was awesome!  Not only do they have music with the fireworks but they also project different images on the walls of Main Street that coordinate with the music.  It was our second time watching the parade, but we enjoyed it as much as our first time.  This time we did not need to wait 3 hours to get good seats.  We only had to wait 30 minutes this time.    Thanks for coming by to see what I have to share today.

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  1. Hi Colleen! Your triple flip cards are awesome. You did a fab job pulling together the Hello Kitty and beach theme with the images and DP. Your family must know Disneyland by heart and could probably find your way around with your eyes closed being that you all go very often. :-) Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend.