Created With Aloha Two

Created With Aloha Two

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank You Cards

Ever since I was little I have written "thank you" cards to family members and friends to thank them for the gift that they have given to me.  Writing "thank you" cards is one of the things my mom taught/trained my sisters and I to do.  I am thankful that she did that.  I always feel special when I receive a "thank you" knowing that the person has taken time to write me a card.  I am sure that when others receive "thank you" cards they feel the same.  Recently I made some "thank you" cards for some kids that gave me gifts.  I made Hello Kitty ones for the girls and Snoopy ones for the boys.

I also made "thank you" cards for my b-day presents.  (Yes, it has taken me awhile to make them and get them mailed.)  I added Stickles to the shaved ice to make it look like the ice.  I colored the shaved ice using various colors for each card.  In this card Mr. Panda happens to be eating a cherry or strawberry flavored shaved ice.

A third "thank you" card that I made was a gift card holder for my kids' teachers. 

As you can see from this post another one of my favorite dies is the "Top Note" die from Stampin Up which is now retired.  To keep with the theme of this post next I am going to share the two pictures that my daughter drew for two of my friends to say "thank you" for what they gave to her. 

I think both of them turned out great!  I encourage my son and daughter to write "thank you" cards to people that have given them a gift.  I hope and pray that this will continue to put this into practice for many years to come.  Thank you for taking time today to come by!

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